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Soft Washing Is The Gentle Way To Clean Miami Exteriors

Soft washing

For the most delicate surfaces of your Miami area residential or commercial property, the gentle and effective soft washing technique is always preferred. There are several professional pressure washing services that strictly use the soft washing method, including flawless window cleaning for Miami and the surrounding areas. We here at Shiny Windows LLC are well-versed in this technique and use it in many of our services to give you a thorough clean without the risk of damage to your surfaces. Our team of experts is here to work with you on all of your exterior cleaning needs, so feel free to give us a call today at Shiny Windows LLC!

Low And No Pressure Tactics To Clean Delicate Exterior Surfaces

So what exactly is the soft washing method and how does it benefit your Miami area home or business? This technique pairs a much lower pressure setting, typically at or below 500 PSI (pounds per square inch), with a safe, eco-friendly detergent (bleach safe) to deeply clean delicate materials such as your roofing, windows, and vinyl siding. The reason why this method is so incredibly important for these types of materials is that a higher pressure wash can cause undue damage to your exterior surfaces and completely negate any of the fantastic benefits that pressure washing has to offer.

Aside from top-of-the-line window cleaning, the soft washing method is also used for services such as house washing and roof cleaning for a deep and gentle clean. Your shingles will look and feel so much better by the time we're done with them!

How Does The Soft Washing Method Compare To Other Types Of Pressure Washing?

There are three main types of pressure washing, and soft washing is distinct in that it's a much lower pressure wash overall. Pressure washing and power washing are the two other primary techniques in the pressure washing industry, but their high pressure settings are not suited for glass or other types of delicate materials. Power washing, for example, is a very high pressure wash that uses hot water to clean and sanitize the hardest materials like concrete, and it could easily damage or even break a surface like your windows or roofing. The soft washing method can be used on nearly any surface with fantastic results, but on the materials that require it, a higher pressure wash should never be used in its place.

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